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Various SEO updates

It is very difficult to present the trends of SEO in the market. SEO Came into new Phase 2018 and Google also update the algorithm time to time. Google algorithm rich snippet and voice search changes came to a trend in SEO. Google timely released Seo Updates and voice search SEO is latest. We can easily communicate end to end. SEO trend is based on Google algorithm which indicates a link, content, etc. Google consider websites on the basis of algorithms.

Algorithm Factor is important

Google previously released pigeon, panda, penguin, now released latest version hummingbird. panda ensures content plagiarism and penguin ensured with backlink management latest hummingbird is cached all the Seo related problems. Google will ensure these content.

Rich Snippet

This is not possible for everyone. in some cases, in the case that you’re getting into Google news, or in the case that you’re in the recipe world and you can get visuals and images, or in the case where you have a featured snippet opportunity and you can get the visual for that featured snippet along with that credit, or in the case where you can get rich snippets around travel or around flights, other verticals that schema is supporting right now, well, that’s great. You should take advantage of those

Show compulsory title tags and meta descriptions

Google does not recognize the content without meta title, description and tags this is the important factor. If you write the 1-page blog and then how to recognized Google for it. The group of meta title and description and tags is called snippet. Without snippet Google not crawl and rank according to it.

Optimize for page speed

it will also important to do optimize your site speed for that HTML CSS will be minified. This is google trending proportion this will be increased your site at a level.

Author: Manish Sharma

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