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Meta Tags for SEO

Keywords are playing the most important role in SEO. For a better understanding of content, visibility, and usability we use Meta tags. It is a comprehensive strategy of growing the visibility of content of the website and grow the traffic status of the website.

When you build the links through Off  Page strategy. Search engine explores the ranking of blogs and articles through various parameters, Meta tags of one of them. Search results display according to our content structure. SEO considers significant results of search rankings. Tags are important to set content structure in article rank accordingly.

There are various types of Tags, let’s drive the tags and its importance.

Title Tag

Title tag is header attribute of the website which is clickable in search engine result pages of Google Bing etc.

Title tag provides a comprehensive idea of what content or pages about is. Title tags also indicate the relevancy of pages in SERP during the user experience. User behavior is different about different topics and rank accordingly by Google. Title will first impression of user attraction which is clickable, attractive Title will gather traffic on the website.

For instance you search “Best blogs websites in india” then the title will work first to exact matching of the website.

  1. Title should be up to 50 -60 characters long
  2. Put important keywords in title organically
  3. Use of brand name in Title




Meta Description Tag


Meta description is also header attribute which shows the search ranking as unlikable skew. Meta description represents the title and URL. This section is the essence of the page in search engine result pages of Google.

Meta description is performed to bring the traffic through keywords. Meta description secure the amount you click the title tag. For improve the CTR and reducing the bounce rate.

Following the best practices about meta description.


  1. Pages have unique meta description that reflates the page relevancy
  2. Google snippets should be 150-160 character meta description.
  3. Must have unique keywords and don’t overuse them.

meta description

Heading Tags (H1 to H6)

These heading tags are simply HTML tags which visible and usable to the user. It is a factor of identifying the headings and subheading in search results. It can navigate hierarchy (H1 to H6) H1 tag is the main heading tag like Meta title and remaining (H2-H6) is subheadings of the contents in search results.

In aspects of search results easy to navigate and search the content. The aspect of user visibility of content and easily understand of the pages.

Give each page at least 1 H1 tag and multiple subheadings.


Meta Keyword Tags

Initially, Meta keywords are the text of the small snippet to find out relevant meta keywords are those text which finds out the relevancy of the search results.

Meta keywords are pretty much obsolete and not worth wasting time on it

Only put relevant and responsible keywords in it and ignore the fields.


To improve your on page strategy, these tags should not be in use. These tags are most important to improve the visibility of webpage guidelines must be followed by SEO of web page.

Author: Manish Sharma

Manish Sharma is the SEO analyst and professional SEO blogger. i write blogs for Tinyblogs. Tinyblogs is my blogger