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How to Use Yoast WordPress Plugin in SEO

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Search Engine Optimization is the process to optimization the content of website through the particular keywords. To set the SEO parameter  for the website through the required plugins. One of popular plugin for search engine optimization is Yoast plugin. The WordPress plugin helps to customize the website according to the SEO perspective. There are two version of the SEO yoast first is basic version and second is premium version.

SEO Yoast basic version has option to set the only one focus keyword and premium version has five focus keywords in particular plugin in WordPress plugin. We will discuss the setting up the SEO Yoast plugin in website.


Setting up the SEO Yoast Plugin for Website:

If you are working on a WordPress website the Yoast plugin play important role in establish a link  between google and WordPress hosting. If you are creating post of blogs then SEO yoast helps to do better on it through SEO perspective. Each and every term of post will be search engine friendly. Initially you have to install Yoast plugin to establishing the link between server and client. After the installing the WordPress Yoast plugin SEO, You need setting up the all required setting for the Plugin.

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General Setting:

General setting has divided into three fundamental parts i.e.

  1. General: This is introductory page for basic changes into the SEO Yoast plugin
  2. Your info: Your info consist your basic information like first name and last name etc
  3. Webmaster tool: Webmaster tool is using for connecting the various search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex show the snippet on the search engine result pages. Webmaster tool to verify the google webmaster to show the various run time statistics on SERP.

You can use the basic process to connect the webmaster  to concern about google search console

  1. Go to Google search console dashboard and click the manage property  verify the the website using alternative method.
  2. Choose the HTML tag option through alternative method to verification to the website generate the code and the set the code in head section of the website and click the verify button and save the file to successfully verified.

Title & Meta:

In the Meta Title & description setting up Snippet  the each and every post there are three types i.e. General, Homepage, Post types, security. There are many option to get connected title and description which appears Search Engine Result Pages. Each and every post need to focus keywords and meta title and meta descriptions of the post

Features Of the Yoast Plugins:

Snippet Editor:

Snippet Editor is  useful tool to edit post’s snippet previews and edit the post in search engine result pages. Each and every pages should crawl the paghes. When altering the pages  this plugin is useful for the Search engine optimization. When you are editing the snippet i.e. Title and description change the and focus keywords would be targeted.


Xml Sitemap:

XML sitemaps help Google understand the architecture of your website so it’s important to have a sitemap in place. Yoast SEO gives inbuilt XML sitemap functionality, meaning that all you need to do is enable the feature and Yoast takes care of the rest. Remember, that despite Yoast being able to quickly generate a sitemap, it is important to audit your sitemap every so often to ensure that key areas of your site are included.  


Search Console / redirects


Yoast SEO is how it ties everything you need together into one place.

It goes that one step further with the ability to easily integrate your search console into the plugin. By doing this you can keep an eye on the number of 404 pages Google is detecting, enabling you to act quickly to resolve them. Although there is no ability to implement redirects through the plugin, when using the free version, having the data available makes it easier to manage.

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