How To Create Sitemap For Your Website ?

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Sitemap is tool is which help to Google to crawl the website. Sitemap is XML file which understand Google to fetch the data from website. Google can fetch the data from the sitemap because this platform collect all pages of website and Google bot can directly crawl the web pages. One website can be multiple sitemap.

Generate the sitemap

Initially generate the sitemap for the website from Sitemap generator websites that depends on you. That will be xml extension file which is only understand the Google spider. you can see your website sitemap through “” this URL for see the sitemap physically. Sitemap and robot.txt file are very important file for Google

Upload The XML File

After generate the Sitemap you have to upload on website server. This xml file will keep in file manager (cPanel) on website hosting server. In this folder html file exist then the xml file uploads that folder and save it. Hosting is that cPanel who manage the whole activity of website that can be very important hosting server gives us spacing to keep data of website.

Sitemap Registered in Google Webmaster (search console)

After the uploading the xml file fulfill the most important work you have to registered with the Google webmaster through website link and google webmaster generate the code, that code mentioned in header section of website and verify it.

Click the website box in Google webmaster and go sitemap section and click the create sitemap it will open a box after your website link. You have to mentioned into “sitemap.xml” and submit it.  You sitemap successfully submitted  with Google master. Your sitemap is ready  be crawl by google robot.

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