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5 Important WordPress Plugins For Search Engine Optimization

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Do you have any idea to make SEO friendly to the website through important SEO plugins?. Plugins help to optimize and make a user-friendly website. WordPress is most important platforms for Google and Bing in SEO factors.
Wordpress can be easy For users – WordPress is an easy platform to make the dynamic website and can make SEO –Friendly. Users can drag and drop points on the website. Content Management System (CMS) also friendly with WordPress. It can be best SEO standard technique to use in WordPress.
There are many SEO variety features of WordPress that you can easily implement the SEO of websites.

Important Wordpress plugins
SEO Yoast Plugin

SEO Yoast plugin is the best plugin for SEO of content marketing and Google snippet. SEO Yoast helps to rank your content in Google.
SEO Yoast provides –
1. Sitemap.xml
2. Robot.txt
3. Google verification of website
4. Keyword Analysis
5. Content Reliability
6. Readability
7. Focus keywords
8. Rich snippets

All in one SEO Pack Plugin

This plugin is the most important plugin for SEO. This is also for representing rich snippet in Google ranking. This includes header footer and social icon facility add-on which is brilliant SEO plugin it is very responsive according to the website. Content reliability is very good at All In One SEO pack in WordPress. Sitemap, robot.txt, keyword Analysis etc. Available in this plugin. This can help to rank the content in Google. All in one SEO gives the platform to make the best content in ever.

all in seo

Broken link checker

You make more content for your blogger then difficult to manage. We can manage the content through broken link checker. It works for link structure series of post give a relevant link or not. This plugin completely checks all scenario of the content and links.
1. Blog post link structure is potential which gives best results.
2. URL gives a path to publish the post, checking through broken link checker.
3. Google regularly check the content and link reliability.

brkern link

SEO Optimize Image

content cannot persuade things without the image. Image visualizes the content and better understanding. Google cannot read the images and videos so we give alt tag and optimize the image for reducing the length of images. This plugin optimizes the image properly.

W3 Cache Plugin

Every website takes time to load on Google because website code we can optimize the through most impotent plugin we can reduce the loading time and increase the loading speed through this plugin. W3 cache plugin uses to optimize the site at the different level.

Author: Manish Sharma

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