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5 Google Extensions Which Mostly Used In SEO

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[metaslider id=141]In SEO world Google extensions play a very important role to customize work of SEO. Extensions ease to work on whole digital marketing analysis. Extensions will directly help check Backlinks, ranking, and speed etc. whole things rapidly covered through extension. This whole extension will found over Google Chrome store. Google extensions are simply connected your system it is not an application. A website is a part of the application but extensions connected with your chrome use on your website.

Useful Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

1. SEO quake 

SEO quake is most popular chrome extension to show website traffic and website health. It considers Google, SEMrush, and Alexa ranking automatic show on the page when you just click on it. This tool also identifies your website inbound and outbound links and other analytics.

2. Page Speed Insight 

PSI is an analysis of the page speed of the website and analysis the minification of HTML and CSS code of the website. It shows different segment device speed test. A website can easily speed up by using PSI toolkit to optimize images and broken links appeared in this tool.

HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT error can be minification error appeared in PSI. Minify text rapidly crawl by Google and search very fast.

page speed test

3. Majestic Backlinks Analyzer

To check your backlinks status, this Analyzer will do very important job find backlink status and suggest the backlink is potential or not because Google considers mostly do follow a link which is more potential for the Google ranking.

Majestic Backlinks Analyzer will consider how many places your website link kept. All it shows with your website domain authority and page ranking decided.


4. Hashtest

Hash test Is tool which used on Instagram for hashtagging.

So when you’re about to create and share a post, this is a great tool to help you see which hashtag are performing best. This is Real-time hashtag system. As a digital marketer, we can use the right keyword for hashtagging.

5. Page Analytics by Google

Do you believe over your website pages? Google may not be. This tool will analyze every page of your website and give rank according to the health page. Google decides to rank the page and domain authority.

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