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5 Fundamental Elements of A Successful Blog Post

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There are lot of misconceptions about the blogging to influencing the people. In 21st century content marketing take big step in digital marketing. There are tons of opportunity to engage yourself in the digital marketing. Blogging is unique way to influence the consumer for conversion about the product and services over the website.Thousands of people writing content about their product  and promote everywhere i.e. Social media platforms. In digital marketing “content is king” concept is useful to get engagement & conversion over the website. There are multiple ways to to promote the company’s brand.  A lot of principle applies on blogging theory that we can use to knowing the the consumer behavior throughout the website. There are some elements to make brilliant blog post which is useful for consumers perspective and agreed conversion over the website.

Long Posts:

 Blog post will be long because long post will easily understandable to the user. Many people think about long tail post easily round up in the ranking so google will consider long-tail post for the ranking the blogs but it is wrong because google considers potentiality of the content and rank accordingly. Long tail blog  is useful for constantly persuade the user for conversion from the website. Blog potentiality drive the traffic over the website. Google also consider the ranking the blogs because the crawlers pick the keywords and find potential blog according to the competition and ranking. Blog should be in list view because list view blog is very readable, if blog readable user attract through the design of blog. Such blogs google will consider very quickly.

Unique and Meaningful Heading:

The term “Heading”  is very important in blogging. Heading decide the nature of blog, what you provide to the users. Consumers make idea to see blogging headline. For example if you meet an investor to make funding for the  your business then what steps will be taken by investor. He study the title of your business portfolio, In same case title represents the whole scenario of the blog. It might be possible for the technical support for understanding the objective of the blog.

Useful Subheadings:

 Subheadings is useful for blogging divided into three types.

  1. Subheading helps to visualize the break into the subsections
  2. Subheadings  is useful for the search engine optimization purpose
  3. It is useful for navigating the paragraph by users.

Subheadings is the important part of  blog format, users can easily understand the objective of the content and divided into the sub section for conversion into the business.

Powerful Call to Action:

The ultimate goal of the blog is the call to action. Most bluechips companies conversion online through the blogging. Most required things to conversion into the business. Conversion  must be required some content for the publishing the content.

Relevant Internal Links:

 Internal links are are good for search engine optimization, Internal linking is very important to study relevant pages through the hyperlinking through the url. Digital marketing considers the valid internal linking for the pages user can gain more knowledge about the connectivity to the webpages. There are basically two types of linking i.e. internal linking and external linking. Internal linking is concept of connectivity the webpages. It is build linking into the website internal linking.

Unique & Good Meta Description:

Meta description is the google snippet which is represent in google search. Users can click over here and benefit from blog snippet. Unique and great title and description can  consider by google rank accordingly. Every website has title and description that will be uniqueness and rank accordingly. Google need to recognize about the pages that is the google snippet.


Blogging is the powerful concept to attract the user for conversion. Blogs can be ultimate tool to get traffic over the website and conversion to business. Content is very important to the promote the product and services through the different segmentation. 


Author: Manish Sharma

Manish Sharma is the SEO analyst and professional SEO blogger. i write blogs for Tinyblogs. Tinyblogs is my blogger